I am a first-generation American, originally hailing from Latin America, with a Salvadoran mother and an Argentinean father. My journey took an unexpected turn when I met a Dutch man during my university years, ultimately leading to our marriage. Our life together commenced with an overseas assignment, affording me the privilege of residing in various countries. Amsterdam is now where I proudly call home.

Before discovering my passion for photography, I spent numerous years searching for my true calling. Interestingly, it seems I was destined for this profession from an early age. My mother recently recounted that I declared my aspiration to become a photographer as a child. However, as a first-generation immigrant, pursuing anything in the arts was met with skepticism. I was encouraged to pursue a more "practical" degree.

Life took a series of transformative turns, prompting me to ponder the fragility of existence. In a beautiful twist of fate, I found myself returning to my childhood dream: I became a conceptual photographer. Finally, everything fell into place.

As a conceptual photographer, I am both eclectic and experimental. My work isn't confined to a specific genre; rather, it's characterized by a distinct atmosphere—one that is moody, eerie, melancholic, and cinematic.

What truly inspires me is the darker side of life. I'm captivated by the shadowy, murky, and sometimes depraved aspects of human nature. Photography serves as my medium for processing the world's complexities and my own fears. In a way, the act of capturing images is therapeutic, allowing me to unlock my subconscious and find inner peace.

Lastly, let me address a question that many have asked: Why do I go by the name Magpeye? Early on, I realized that the persona perceived by society had little connection to the body of work I produce. When I immerse myself in the creative process, it's as if another entity takes possession of my mind. Hence, the moniker Magpeye, a name bestowed upon me by my husband. It symbolizes a magical bird, representing the unique realm I enter when I create.