Prices prints

A4  25.00

*all prices are in euros, excluding btw

 High quality photo paper   .

Cost of postage and handling in the

Netherlands is 10.00 euros


Preparation for your pet

  • It's a good idea to have your pet groomed.  
  • Get plenty of exercise before a shoot
  • Bring your pet's favorite toys and snacks
  • Anything that puts your pets at ease: blanket, basket...

Additional Information

  • Each additional pet will cost 25 euros per pet (excl. btw)
  • Additional prints may be purchased
  • cost of mailing not included in price
  • In Amsterdam no travel costs if parking not involved 
  • Cost of parking not included in the price
  • Travel costs will be charged outside of Amsterdam
  • A 20% deposit is required
  • Please see the  terms & conditions for further information
After your photography session 
​I’ll take about two weeks to look over every single image that I’ve captured during your photo shoot. I’m very
careful with my photo selection process and I spend hours
enhancing the best photographs so that you will receive the highest quality results possible. I will provide you with low resolution photos of the photo session. You will ​indicate which photo(s) you'd like to have printed. Of course, you may order more photos.


Before Your Photography Session Prior to meeting on the day of your photography session, 
we’ll schedule a consultation to get to know one another
and discuss your specific photographic needs. At this time, we will discuss ideas and the best way to bring out your pet's unique personality.
During Your Photography SessionThe first part of the session will be dedicated to making 
your pet comfortable and relaxed.   As you are the one
​that knows your pet the best, you will
play a roll in the session.  


Standard Package – 225 euros excl. btw  ​*Pet Photography Session at a location of your choice (Inside with or without studio 
lights or outside)
*Two A4 prints and two high resolution jpeg files
*Digital enhancement of images


Professional Pet Portrait 

 Carol P. Govaert

Ten Percent of the proceeds to be donated to an

organization that helps animals